Lincoln Centre is pleased to have a full-time corporate concierge on property. Even though there are meetings and other obligations, the concierge makes an effort to be available to the tenants at all times to assist with various requests and to procure all kinds of tickets to sporting, cultural and other events. Most of these tickets are being offered with discounts or priority seating. The concierge plans the events of the building, and a newsletter is provided on a monthly basis to showcase the tenants, activities, and amenities of the building. Our Lincoln Centre Concierge also manages our Social Media accounts as well as our sustainability and wellness initiatives for the building.

  • Discount Tickets
  • Transportation Services
  • Approved Catering Vendors

For more information, please contact Cortney Haney in the Management Office.

Cortney Haney
Corporate Concierge
Direct: 972.770.2171