Policies & Procedures

Tenant Alterations

Tenant lease agreements prohibit making alterations and/or additions to leased premises without the Landlord’s consent. Please refer to your lease agreement prior to engaging contractors to perform work within your leased premises. To obtain a list of approved contractors to perform minor remodeling, electrical and mechanical work, please contact the Management Office. A written approval request must be submitted along with plans, the name of the proposed contractor(s), and related insurance certificates. A sample Vendor Certificate of Insurance Form reflecting the insurance coverage requirements can be found at the link below, in the Forms section of this handbook, or by calling the Management Office. Contractors who enter the property without a current Certificate of Insurance form on file in the Management Office may be delayed or denied access to the building until the compliant insurance certificate is obtained. Further, the City of Dallas also requires as-built plans be submitted to the Management Office by the tenant, upon completion of each remodeling project. To obtain a copy of the building’s rules for your contractors, please contact the Management Office.

Please note that all construction projects at Lincoln Centre must be permitted with the City of Dallas. Upon completion of any alterations to the suite, the building Master As-Built Plans must be updated with the building architect of record. This expense is the responsibility of the Tenant.

Preferred Purchase Policy

Lincoln Centre is an ENERGY STAR certified building, which means we use 35 percent less energy and generate 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other comparable buildings. Our superior energy performance and commitment to using resources responsibly ensures we are not only saving our tenants money, but we are also helping to reduce our environmental impact.

As an ENERGY STAR certified building we recommend tenants purchase and use only ENERGY STAR certified, or other recycled and environmentally preferred products for their spaces in order to minimize environmental impacts. ENERGY STAR certified appliances and office machines are proven to reduce energy use and help prevent greenhouse gas emissions resulting in a cleaner, healthier environment.


The Building Landlord reserves the right to rescind any of these rules and make such other and further rules and regulations as, in its judgment, shall from time to time be necessary or advisable for the operation of the Building. Please also refer to the official Building Rules & Regulations that are made part of the original lease agreement. The Lease is a legally binding document, and shall further define the Building Rules & Regulations should there be any further question as to the content herein.

Click here to download a Vendor Certificate of Insurance Form

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