Lactation Suite

Work & Mother Lactation Suite

Work & Mother is the fully equipped lactation suite provided as a complimentary building amenity at Lincoln Centre. This can serve as a company’s mother’s room for the requirements of Section 7(r) of the Fair Labor Standards Act1 – Break Time for Nursing Mothers Provision, and relieves tenants of the burden of building out and managing a dedicated mother’s room within their own office space.

The Work & Mother Suite has eight (8) private rooms, and everything needed to pump, including hospital-grade pumps, a booking App and access system, cleaning and sanitizing stations, refrigeration and storage, immediate community, additional support resources available, such as virtual lactation consultants, and more. The fully equipped Work & Mother Suite is located at Two Lincoln, Suite 395.  To activate access credentials, visit For more information, contact, 713-230-8962, or visit