Maintenance Requests

Tenant Work Orders may be submitted through the COVE work order system or through the Lincoln Centre building app by an Authorized Tenant Contact or you may contact Tenant Services:

Lauren Heinrich
Tenant Services Coordinator
Direct: 972.770.2440
Fax: 972.770.2441

Please note the online work orders are not monitored 24 hours a day. Leaks, flooding, odors etc. should be called into building management immediately and not entered into the online work order system.


It is our mission to keep tenants safe and comfortable. Therefore, we have set the approximate response times to Building Standard Work Orders below.

Examples of Building Standard Work Orders  Response Time
Security, Fire and Life Safety Immediate
Odor & Burning Smells Immediate
Power Outages Immediate
Noise in HVAC System Immediate
Plumbing (Leak, Flood, Clogs) Immediate
Door Unlock 15 minutes
Hot/Cold (HVAC) Calls (Do not attempt to adjust thermostat) Within 1 hour
Lights Out (Building standard fluorescent) 2 hours from notification
Window Blinds 24 hours from notification


Non-building standard Work Orders are billable to the tenant and will require an Authorized Tenant Representative signature prior to work being performed.

A supervisor may contact the tenant within 24 hours to discuss the Work Order and will provide a response time frame to the tenant at that time.

Examples of Non-Building Standard Work Orders  Response Time
Above Standard Lights (in stock) 24 hours from notification
Above Standard Plumbing (Garbage Disposal, Ice Maker) 24 hours from notification
Rekey Office Doors 24-48 hours from notification
Hang Pictures / Marker Boards Within 3-5 days

Our goal is to consistently adhere to the above referenced response standards. However, in the event requests are of a serious or complicated nature, response times may be longer.


Tenants are responsible for the maintenance of all appliances inside their suite including TVs, VCRs, satellite, ice machines, refrigerators, water heaters, dishwashers and kitchen drain lines. For fire safety reasons, space heaters and extension cords are not allowed in the buildings. If you are experiencing temperature problems, please call the Tenant Services Coordinator.

The maintenance department will be happy to refer you to service professionals who can service your appliances or equipment. All contractors and service providers working in the building must have a current certificate of insurance on file in the Management Office. A sample Certificate of Insurance form reflecting the insurance coverage requirements can be obtained by contacting the Management Office or online in the Forms page.

Please note that any contractor without the proper insurance coverage, as requested within this manual, will not be granted access to the building.

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