Trash & Recycling

Tenants are asked to refrain from placing trash, boxes, discarded office equipment, unwanted or defective office furniture, etc. in common areas of the building (i.e., corridors, stairwells, passenger and service elevator lobbies, restrooms, docks, etc.). Unused or unwanted items that are to be discarded, that do not fit into a trash container, must be marked as "trash" or "recycle". Tenants are responsible for removing their own unwanted office equipment and furniture, and must send in a tenant clearance form to the management office for approval. The Management Office can recommend possible companies to assist in this process.

For regular types of trash, self-adhesive trash labels are available in the Management Office for this purpose. Items marked as "trash" or "recycle" will be removed from tenant's spaces during regular nightly cleaning. Trash labels must be affixed to items intended to be discarded before they will be removed from a tenant's suite. If you need items to be removed during the day, please contact Lauren Cruz, Charges may apply.

Lincoln Centre is pleased to participate in an aggressive recycling program designed to allow maximum recycling of office waste. To request a container, please contact Lauren Cruz,

The following items are acceptable to recycle:

Recyclable Items

Printer Paper  Newspaper Phone Books
Magazines Envelopes White and Colored Paper
Cardboard Boxes Computer Paper Fax Sheets
Folders Carbonless Forms Glass Bottles & Containers
Plastics #1-5 & #7 Aluminum, Steel, & Tin Cans Wax-coated Paper Drink Containers

Generally, any dry, unsoiled paper products can be recycled. Paper clips, rubber bands, staples, tape, adhesive labels, plastic tabs, plastic and wire spirals do not have to be removed from the documents prior to recycling.

Non-Recyclable Items

Paper, Plastic, & Styrofoam Dishware Paper Towels, Tissues, & Toilet Paper
Plastic Bags & Packaging Food & Wet Waste

Restroom type paper products and food waste, such as contaminated plates, napkins, cups, waxed paper, candy wrappers, or any other paper that is wet from a food or beverage product cannot be recycled.

If security of proprietary documents is a concern for your business, please consider shredding all sensitive material. Our current recycling company receives material to be recycled in a controlled, enclosed environment. For additional information about confidentiality of recycle materials, please contact the Management Office.

Desk-side recycling containers are provided when our tenants move in. To request additional containers please submit the Recycling Program Request Form or contact Lauren Cruz,

Click here to download a Recycling Bin Request Form.