Policies & Procedures

Parking Operations

Lincoln Centre operates five parking garages, a large surface lot, and multiple visitor parking lots for the exclusive use of tenants and visitors of Lincoln Centre. Lincoln Centre may expand or reduce the parking facilities serving the project from time to time. The parking garages have been designated for use by tenants and their employees only. No visitor parking is permitted in these areas. Each garage is first come first serve with the exception of the reserved spaces that are clearly marked.

For any information not covered in this manual, please contact the Access Coordinator in the Security Operations Center at:

Phone - 972.770.2497
Fax - 972.770.2435

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. For emergencies or assistance after hours, please contact the Security Operations Center at 972.770.2487.

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Parking fees are billed separately from your normal rental statement and are to be remitted to the following address:

c/o LAZ Parking
5400 LBJ Freeway
Suite S-150
Dallas, TX 75240


All parking garages are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the main entrances located on either Lincoln Boulevard or Bond Avenue. However, the Noel Road entrances that provide access to the East Garages as well as the Harvest Hill entrance to the Executive West Garage are only accessible between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Suspension / cancellation of building or parking access should be immediately reported to the Parking Director for security purposes and to ensure accurate parking availability according to each tenant’s lease agreement.


Tenant parking is available in all garages as well as the west surface parking lot. Parking specifications for each tenant are addressed in the tenant’s lease agreement. Garage spaces may be issued to tenants in excess of their lease-specified allocation as Management deems possible. However, any such parking spaces issued in excess of the allocations will be considered “temporary” or “conditional” and can be revoked and/or reissued to a different area at any time.

Visitor parking is not permitted in any of the building garages. Tenants who park in the garages are provided with an access card to enter and exit the garage. This card can also provide access to the building after hours. In order to receive a building access card, the authorized tenant contact must complete the Parking / Building Access Card Request Form. Costs associated with the access cards are determined by the terms of the Tenant’s Lease Agreement.

A Parking/Building Access Card Request Form can be downloaded from the Forms page.


Visitor parking is available in the east surface parking lot outside Towers Two and Three, as well as in the areas just north of Tower One and just south of Tower Three. Based on the published rates, additional visitor parking is also available in the West Lot. Visitor parking is not permitted in any of the building garages. Tenants are not permitted to park in any of these designated visitor spaces. Security personnel monitor these visitor spaces and notify Lincoln Centre Management if tenants are identified as parking in the visitor spaces. Tenant vehicles identified as parking in the designated visitor spaces are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense without warning or prior notice. Your cooperation is appreciated.


The City of Dallas prohibits parking in all designated fire lanes. These lanes are marked with a red stripe and white lettering that states "Fire Lane, No Parking, Towing Enforced". Due to the fire and life safety issues involved, vehicles left unattended in a fire lane for any amount of time may be towed at the driver’s expense. We encourage you to park safely and observe all No Parking signs or notices.


Parking for those with a disability is provided on the surface parking lots and in each garage. Tenants using these spaces are required to display the current form of authorization provided by the government. Citations are issued to violators, and improperly parked vehicles may be towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense. Please contact the Access Coordinator for any additional information.


Designated reserved parking areas have been established in each garage at a premium. Only authorized users may park in a reserved space. Reserved parking is assigned through a tenant's lease. It is the responsibility of the individual to monitor his/her own reserved parking space. Violations should be reported to the Security Operations Center immediately. Contact the Access Coordinator with any questions regarding reserved parking.


Five designated motorcycle parking areas have been established around the campus. Please click the PDF map below to see the designated locations.

Click here to download a Motorcycle Parking Map


Parking for contractors and vendors is available in the designated Contractor Parking area off of Lincoln Boulevard.


West Lot

Parking access cards are required for tenants who park in the West Lot. In order to receive an access card, the authorized tenant contact must complete the Parking / Building Access Card Request Form.

A Parking/Building Access Card Request Form can be downloaded from the Forms page.

Temporary Parking Permits

For those requiring temporary parking for more than one week (such as temporary employees, etc.), a hangtag can be issued by the Access Coordinator to ensure that they are not ticketed. All requests must be received by 9:30 each morning so that security can be informed.


If your vehicle needs to be towed from the garage or needs to be serviced, please contact the Parking Director. If your vehicle requires towing, security will need to assist the tow truck when exiting the garage to prevent the gate arm from damaging the vehicle being towed.


Vehicles that are parked in unauthorized areas or in a manner that violates Lincoln Centre’s parking policies are subject to being towed at owner’s expense and liability.


Following are the general rules and regulations governing the use of the Lincoln Centre’s parking lots and garages:

  • Use of Parking Lots and Garages
    The parking lots and garages are to be used for the sole purpose of parking passenger motor vehicles. Skating, skateboarding and soliciting are prohibited in and around the parking lots and garage facilities.
  • Speed Limit
    The speed limits posted on the property are five (5) mph in the garages and (15) fifteen mph on the surface driveways. Please drive safely and use your headlights for additional safety when driving through the garages. Following the posted speed limit will allow for added safety for pedestrians in the garages. Vehicles found speeding on the property will be subject to ticketing by Lincoln Centre Security and the revocation of the card holder’s right to park at Lincoln Centre.
  • Parking
    Vehicles should park entirely between the marked lines of the space, facing into the space. Please observe all posted signs or notices and do not park in reserved spaces or areas that are not designed/marked for parking. Any vehicle parked in such a manner that it is taking up more than one parking space is considered an improperly parked vehicle. No vehicle should be parked on a sidewalk or in a courtyard without prior approval from the Management Office. No vehicle should be parked in a manner that obstructs traffic lanes. All vehicles found in violation of this policy are subject to ticketing/towing.
  • Pedestrian Traffic
    Pedestrian traffic is prohibited in the entry/exit drive lanes and any other restricted areas.
  • Loading and Unloading
    All loading and unloading zones have been designated as such and are located in the dock areas. A privately owned vehicle being used as a delivery vehicle must have a sign in one inch letters placed on the dashboard with the following information:
    • Delivery Service Name
    • Telephone number of delivery service
  • Automobile Damage/Personal Property
    In the event of loss/damage to a vehicle or personal property while a vehicle is parked in a Lincoln Centre parking lot or garage, notify the Security Operations Center immediately. An incident report will be completed, and an investigation will be performed in an effort to determine the cause of the loss/damage. Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association of America, Cushman & Wakefield, Walden Security and LAZ Parking are not responsible for any loss/damage to vehicles or personal property.
  • Washing/Detailing/Maintenance
    Washing, detailing, and maintenance services to vehicles are prohibited in the garages. If your vehicle is disabled and needs to be serviced, please contact the Security Operations Center at 972-770-2487 for assistance.
  • Storage of Vehicles
    Storage of vehicles in the garages is not allowed. All vehicles left unattended on the property for a period of more than 48 hours will be considered to be abandoned and will be subject to towing. If it is necessary for you to leave your vehicle on the property overnight, please contact the Security Operations Center to advise them of the situation. All tenant’s fleet cars should also be appropriately registered with the Parking Director.
  • Sale of Vehicles
    Vehicles are not permitted to display “For Sale” signs while parked anywhere on the property.
  • Soliciting
    Soliciting of any kind or distribution of flyers, etc. is strictly prohibited in all parking facilities.
  • Loss of or Damage to Property
    Landlord and its agents shall have no liability to tenant, its employees, agents, invitees of licensees for losses due to theft or burglary, or for damages or bodily injury incurred by authorized or by unauthorized persons in or on the parking facilities, nor shall the Landlord be required to insure against any such losses, damages or bodily injury.
  • Amendments
    Landlord and its agents reserve the right to rescind any of these rules and make other and further rules and regulations as in its judgment shall from time to time be necessary or advisable for the operation of the parking facilities, which rules shall be binding upon tenant upon delivery to such tenant of notice thereof in writing.

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